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เงินฟรี รับแลกเงินในเกมส์

Welcome to the Concept2Creation (C2C) website - a website aimed at providing C2C students and teachers with the tools required to make the most of their C2C experience. The website will enable students and teachers gain information on industry partners, learn from the experiences of other schools and to download templates and tools.

What is C2C?

The C2C Program was developed by the NAMIG (Northern Advanced Manufacturing Industry Group) Inc to provide a way for schools and industry in Northern Adelaide to work together to provide students with industry experience and assistance as they create their own C2C projects. Recent years have seen the expansion of the program making the C2C model available to schools outside of the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

Through a suite of programs and activities, C2C introduces a “product life cycle” approach to science, maths and technology education helping schools and students to develop the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of advanced manufacturing processes and possibilities through a problem based learning approach.

Students and industry work together to solve a problem that requires a product or service. Assisted by industry partners students take the product from the concept, through research and development, production and quality assurance to the final creation and marketing. Along the way they will use the science, maths and technological knowledge they learn in their school subjects.

The key success factors of these projects include total commitment and effective communication from all partners, plus a thorough induction of students through a range of workshops and visits to industry.

Click here for more info on the C2C suite of programs.

What is NAMIG?

NAMIG is the Northern Advanced Manufacturing Industry Group. It was formed as a consortium of local industries, government and education providers to introduce Advanced Manufacturing pathways to students. It is currently funded by the Department of State Development and the Department For Education And Child Development with additional funding from industry partners.

NAMIG is the proud recipient of the following awards:

  • Women In Innovation Awards SA 2014 - Future Innovators Award.
  • the South Australian Engineers Australia Excellence Award for Leadership & Management 2009 and Special Achievement in Education 2009 Award.
  • the Technology Industry Association's Support for Education Award 2009

NAMIG was also a finalist in the South Australian Science Excellence Awards, Community Science Educator of the Year 2009 and 2010.

What is Advanced Manufacturing?

There is considerable scope for students to learn and explore a broad range of industries if Advanced Manufacturing is to be defined as:

  • the utilisation of enabling technologies, incorporating design and business innovation to deliver high value-added processes and products in ways that are novel and competitive.

The Australian economy is striving to excel in the ‘knowledge’ rather than the ‘labour’ component of industry and a shrinking percentage of the jobs will require untrained labour. Therefore, the introduction to Advanced Manufacturing that is provided by NAMIG presents a great opportunity for students to become engaged in an authentic approach to learning.

featured project

Automatic Fish Feeder

This group agreed that one benefit of electronic engineering is the ability to create gadgets that can carry out certain tasks for you. From this the group decided to design and build an Automatic Fish Feeder that could be programed to dispanse a specific amount of food at the right time each day.

[read more]

latest news

STEM Sista

27 Students Graduate from the 2015 STEM Sista girls mentoring program.
[

NAMIG Wins Award

Future Innovators Award
[

NAMIG Newsletters

To download the latest NAMIG newsletter
[

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